About Us

Good Monster is a subsidiary company of The Good Co., and fruit of collaboration with Monster Chef. Good Monster is a new revolution of Malaysian comfort food by incorporating healthier cooking method and higher quality all natural ingredients to our local mixed rice take outs yet still maintaining the authenticity. Our goal is to deliver better, healthier food options to Malaysians who are very much attached to cooked food with Malaysian flavours but are conscious about staying healthy. 

Good Monster's concept is a convenient casual diner or take out kiosk which serves a variety of hot and fresh dishes along with combo meals which are customisable. Good Monster aims to be Asia’s 1st choice of healthy hot rice bowl.

Our customer demography focuses on youths and career individuals who are on-the-go and suitable for all types of diet requirement as we are pork-free and vegetarian friendly

Our Beliefs


We source for our ingredients as organic as it can be from the freshest suppliers in town. We assure our provisions only use all natural, honest and nutritious substitutions. Our food contains no preservatives, no artificial coloring, and no refined sugar. We strongly believe the choices we make about "what we eat", "where it comes from" and "how it's prepared" has a great impact on the health of individuals, communities and the environment. 

Our Mission


Our Vision

 Our vision is to be a source of food that you can rely on whenever wherever. We aim to encourage the trend of healthy eating for overall wellness and to educate the public about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Our first step to spread awareness of conscious healthy eating is by providing ingredient details, nutritional facts and calorie counts of our food to curate balanced meals which caters to different individuals and their needs.